Yonat's Stuff for Developers

Here is some stuff I made for myself. Feel free to use it. Please tell me if you have any complaints or suggestions.


Spelly 2.5 (185K)
An add-in to Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Adds the ability to spellcheck source code and comments, including identifiers with under_scores and MixedCase. Can check HTML text while ignoring the tags.

Abby 1.5 (23K)
An add-in to Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Expands abbreviations like "abb" in good old vi. For example, w can be expanded to:
    while () {

Source code

Smart Pointers
C++ smart pointer classes. Almost all are usable (and useful) with STL containers. For an introduction to smart pointers and an explanation of their use, see my article Smart Pointers - What, Why, Which?. Standard Library Extensions
Small Extensions to the C++ Standard Library STL-Style MIME Encoders
C++ Classes to encode and decode character sequences, using base64 or quoted-printable encoding.