The Israeli Patterns Reading Group

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The Israeli PRG is a joint academy-industry forum for the study of software patterns and their applications. We try to promote joint learning by dividing the effort of studying the wealth of advanced material published about patterns. Each member chooses a topic and presents it to the group in one of the meetings. These presentations are usually accompanied by discussions that advance further learning.

We meet about once every other week. Each meeting takes about 2 hours and consists of two sessions. Further discussion is continued in the group's mailing list, or in private.

To join, please contact me.

To learn more about patterns, see The Patterns Home Page.


Plans For Future Meetings

Below are some of the topics and publications we plan to study in the future. If you are interested in making a presentation about material from one of these sources (or about something else), please contact me.


Other Topics: (contact me for pointers)

Past Meetings

Use MS Animation Player to view our presentations (.ppz files).

Date Contents
Nov. 20, 1996 Amnon: Shopper,Late Creation patterns [PLoPD1]
Dec. 6, 1996 Ron: Terms and usage - pattern, design pattern, pattern language, framework, architecture.
Dec. 27, 1996 Liran: Patterns in the ACE framework (see the ACE home page).
Amnon: Mechanizing the application of design patterns
Jan. 24, 1997 Amiram: Categories of patterns [PLoPD1, chapters 17-18]: Kinds of design patterns.
David L.: Elaborating the Interpreter and the Visitor
Feb. 7, 1997 Roy: Patterns of reactive systems. [Sources: Barry Rubel, "Patterns for Generating a Layered Architecture", in PLoPD1, pp. 119-128; and Pierre Naccache, "Monitoring" (Draft)]
Sasha: Patterns in Java toolkits (MS Animation, PDF)
Feb. 21, 1997 Shai: Whole - Part, Proxy variations [Siemens]
March 7, 1997 Yossi: Design patterns and inheritance mechanisms: Discussion
March 21, 1997 Juval: Experience with patterns: sample implementations of the GoF patterns [GoF]
April 11, 1997 Roy: Analysis patterns [Fowler]
Yacov: Architectural patterns [Siemens]
May 2nd, 1997 Yacov: Architectural patterns (continue)
Amnon: Analysis Patterns [Fowler]: Observations and Measurement
May 30, 1997 Amnon: Analysis Patterns (continue)
Tomer: Tools & Materials
July 3, 1997 Tomer: Tool Integration; case study: UniDraw
July 31, 1997 Juval: The COM model See also: Component software
August 28, 1997 Yonat: Organizational patterns.
Ricardo: Configurable Objects
Sep. 25, 1997 David L.: Patterns Tiling
Dec. 24, 1997 Amnon: LePUS - A Declarative Pattern Specification Language. Various formats (presentation and the complete article)
Feb. 5, 1998 David F.: Christopher Alexander's patterns