Object Orientation Tips – the most useful and interesting OO posts, edited from various sources.

Smart Pointers – What, Why, Which? – gentle explanation of a useful C++ construct.

Scrum: A Pattern Language For Hyperproductive Software Development – An effective agile process presented as a collection of patterns.
Published in Pattern Languages of Program Design 4.

The Skin Pattern and The Phrasebook Pattern – useful programming patterns commonly used in web applications.
Published in PLoP 2000 proceedings.
My co-author Rani Pinchuk released his Perl implementation of a Skin Class and a Phrasebook Class.

Other Blogs

Take Away Points – I read a lot, and post the crux of the best articles and blog posts.

Yonat’s Quotations – my favorite quotations, collected over the years.

Roy Sharon – JavaScript, Unix, and other programming topics.