Workaround for bug in [NSMutableIndexSet shiftIndexesStartingAtIndex:by:]

The Bug

Shifting an NSMutableIndexSet by a negative number will drop an index in some cases.

Example Code:

The set should contain 0-1 but instead contains only 1.

The Reason

NSIndexSet is a series of NSRange-s. If the shift method removes empty space between ranges, than they should become a single unified range. For example, if a set contains the range 1-2 and the range 5-6, and we do

then we should get a set with a single range 1-4.

However, the implementation of shiftIndexesStartingAtIndex:by: fails to unify ranges, and also assumes that separate ranges have at least one empty space between them. And so we get a set containing the ranges 1-1 and 3-4.

The Workaround

Luckily, the methods addIndex: and addIndexesInRange: do correctly unify ranges. And so the workaround is to first call one of these methods, and only then shift:

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